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Hunkemöller Fashion Show 2019
Hunkemöller Fashion ShowDanielle van Grondelle, Anne-Kathrin Götze, Vivian Hoorn, Elieve Ozyurt and Eli Cruz walked the Hunkemöller runway and celebrated Beauty.

BEING HAPPY AND PROUD with who you are was the inspiration of the evening.
That’s why this year’s catwalk was filled with beautiful, diverse and powerful women.
The perfect way for Hunkemöller to show their gorgeous new SS19 collection and to celebrate women all over the world.

NOT ONLY DID WE GET TO SEE the collection but everyone was able to shop the items live from the catwalk.
It was an inspirational evening filled with a lot of girl power!

I AM INSPIRING, I am Passionate, I am In touch, I am Fun, I am Sexy, #IamHKM.
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Hunkemöller Fashion ShowHunkemöller Fashion Show
Hunkemöller Fashion ShowHunkemöller Fashion Show
Hunkemöller Fashion Show
Hunkemöller Fashion Show