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We welcome Unisa
We welcome UnisaUnisa is an internationally renowned Spanish footwear brand, mainly known for its use of qualitative materials and for its comfort all day long.

UNISA SATISFIES ITS CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS by offering trendy shoes adapted to women’s lifestyle of today, which means fashionable shoes made to be worn everyday.

THE BRAND’S LABS Keep on experimenting to obtain lighter and more comfortable styles, more suitable lasts, and definitely, trendy functional shoes. A marriage between shoe technology and fashion.

THE LITTLE GIRLS SHOES cover the need for dressing the little ones with prettier, more modern and fashionable shoes, than the much sportier collections available in the market nowadays; but never forgetting functionality.

LET’S FILL THE GAP BETWEEN EVERYDAY USE and party bags, with a Unisa’s high quality bag.
Unisa has been creating a line focused on women on the go who need comfortable bags and want to follow the latest trends.
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We welcome UnisaWe welcome Unisa
We welcome UnisaWe welcome Unisa