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It has been 30 years since the Mazda MX-5
made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show
30 years Mazda MX-5Thanks to an avid group of fans based all over the world, it’s still with us, and as popular as ever.
Within the 30-year history of the Roadster (MX-5 Miata), there have been several unique limited editions and commemorative cars that reflect the era in which they were released.
Among them were models that sported worldwide unified specifications, along with small volume production models.
Also, in Europe, distributors from various countries released many of their own limited editions that incorporated their own ideas.

1999 > 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION MX-5. Based on the second generation 1.8-liter six-speed model with a tuned suspension from the RS Roadster, this model had a unique appearance, sporting features such as ’Innocent Blue Mica’ paintwork and alloy wheels with a buffed finish.
While predominantly black, the interior was given a two-tone look, with blue highlights to blend in with the exterior color.
It also featured a BOSE sound system, chrome-plated rings on the outer periphery of the speedometer and tachometer, and a carbonfiber-style center console panel to give the cockpit an even sportier atmosphere.

2009 > 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION MX-5. Based on the third generation model following its first facelift, this RS based edition was available either with a manual soft-top and 6MT combination, or a retractable hardtop matched with a 6AT gearbox.
Made for the Japanese market only, it was equipped with exclusive red and black Recaro bucket seats, clear front foglamps, and a number of special 20th anniversary accessories.

2014 > 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION MX-5. Based on the third generation roadster with a power retractable hardtop, this 6MT car had exterior styling that reflected the second facelift for the MX-5, and ’Soul Red Premium’ metallic paintwork that would become a signature color for the company’s ’next-generation’ products.
This was matched with black paint for the roof, front pillars and door mirrors, while the interior featured off-white leather seats and door trims, handfinished interior decorative panels, and numerous other features.

2019 > 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION MX-5. Based on the fourth-generation soft-top and RF models, this special edition featured exclusive Racing Orange paintwork and orange accents on the brake calipers, seats, door trim, dashboard, and shift lever.
As a symbol of the company’s gratitude toward the customers who have helped nurture the model over the past 30 years, features included a commemorative badge with serial number, forged aluminum wheels co-developed with Rays, Recaro seats, Bilstein dampers and Brembo and Nissin brake calipers in the front and rear respectively.
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30 years Mazda MX-530 years Mazda MX-5
30 years Mazda MX-530 years Mazda MX-5
30 years Mazda MX-5
30 years Mazda MX-5