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Ten year anniversary of the iconic
Anita active momentum bra
Anita active momentum braA lot of our normal social obligations have dissapeared since COVID-19 came crashing. Of course this has a lot of negative implications, but like always, there is also a silver lining: people have started working out more than ever!
So, if you’re going to invest in anything sports-related right now, we would advise going for a quality sports bra.

THE MOMENTUM BRA OF ANITA ACTIVE celebrates its tenth birthday this year. That marks ten years of providing the ultimate support, also for women with bigger breasts.
Its fellow partners in crime, the extreme control and extreme control plus bras also deserves praise, as they are the proud owner of a respected ISPO Award.
These bras will not only suit you, they also guarantee full support and great comfort. Ready to get moving?

IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. The momentum sports bra, puts maximum support and comfort first. It’s highly moisture absorbent and made out of terry cloth, with a mesh finish.
The adjustable straps relieve the strain on the neck and the extra-soft cups reduce the chest movement, so does the wide underbust band.
No matter your cup size, the momentum will become your go-to sports bra. Promise.

TAKE CONTROL. The three-piece seamless cups of the extreme control bra offer amazing support. Under-cup straps ensure an attractive shape and offer great support up until an H cup.
The shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped, fully padded and totally adjustable for optimal comfort.
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Anita active momentum bra